Baby and Kids’ 2020 Fashion Trends

Baby and Kids’ 2020 Fashion Trends

12th Jun 2020

Admit it. We love shopping for clothes for our little ones, sometimes at the expense of our own wardrobe! There is nothing cuter and more exciting than dressing up our bubs and taking hundreds of photos before they grow out of them.

What's Fashionable Today

If you are keen to start shopping, here is a list of local shops that make beautiful, comfortable, and sustainable clothes that your children will enjoy, as well as some helpful tips to keep them clean with vibrant colors for a long time. 

Cute Overalls


Source: @lepetitsociety

Remember when the face of childhood was denim overalls? This season, the overalls are still very much in fashion. What we love about this edit seen in popular brand Le Petit Society is the comfortable material and cutting, which is roomy for our kids’ limber activities. Our boys and girls will look very chic in this effortless outfit.

Cooling Organic Shirts 


Source: @kalilaorganics

In hot and sunny Singapore, we want something that is cooling that our kids can feel comfortable using. Imagine the amount of running, climbing and jumping our kids do on a daily basis. Kalila Organics is a home-grown brand that offers a range of clothes made from certified organic textiles that meet the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). We like the beach-look too – perfect for our own island climate. 

Prints in Earthy Hues


Source: @hunterandboo

We love prints, and it’s a good thing too that children can pull them off so effortlessly! This season, colours take on a more earthy hue. Hunter + Boo have some beautiful children’s clothes that are bold in print yet gentle in aesthetic. What we love about this brand is that its clothes are made with 100% organic cotton and eco dyes.

Caring for Your Clothes


Baby and kids’ clothes can last long when we take care to wash them properly and gently. After all, children’s clothes don’t come cheap, and carry plenty of sentimental value. Ideally, we would love to keep these clothes in pristine condition so that they can be passed on to the next generation. We strongly believe in sustainability.

The product you use to wash your clothes is important. We recommend using Sugar Bubble Choeum; Baby Laundry Detergent and Choeum; Baby Fabric Softener. They have strong cleansing power, effective in removing stains and bacteria, yet entirely gentle to your fabric.

What we love is that it is non-irritant to skin. It’s made of plant-derived cleansing ingredients – which means no sulfate or harmful chemicals. It’s made with EWG Green Grade raw materials and even its fragrance, Petite Mang, is allergy-free too. 

How to Wash Baby's and Kids' Clothes

If you are a new parent, fret not because we will give you the low-down on how to wash your children’s clothes.

First: some key pointers to washing clothes:

  • Do not mix adults’ clothes with baby’s clothes.
    • Our clothes contain dyes and chemicals that may mix with your baby’s clothes.
    • Separate your laundry into 2: Colours and Whites
  • Check the brand label for washing instructions
  • Opt for detergents that has no or little chemicals, and is specially made for infants/babies.
  • If the material allows it, pre-soak your clothes in hot water so that it can kill germs.
  • Dry in the sun or in heat. Sunlight acts as a natural disinfectant. 

Steps to Washing Your Baby's and Kids' Clothes


Step 1: Pre-soak your clothes in hot water. This helps to kill off any unwanted germs. However do check the material instructions first

Step 2: Rinse and squeeze out excess water. Then, load it in your washing machine. If you prefer to hand-wash the clothes, be sure to scrub gently.

Step 3: Add in the detergent and fabric softener as per instructions

The Sugar Bubble Choeum Baby Laundry Detergent and Choeum; Baby Fabric Softener has triple concentrate formula – which means you can use less product, for the same effectiveness of washing.

Step 4: Once the washing machine has done its job, simply hang to dry as per usual. Sunlight is a gentle and effective way to dry out your clothes without risk of shrinkage.


Clothes are a great way for your child to express their creativity and personality. Have fun and embrace these moments.

This article is of the sole opinion of the author and has no affiliated links with the brands featured here. We do not earn any referral fee through your patronage of their websites, social media or purchase of products.