Planning Your New Home for Efficient Living

Planning Your New Home for Efficient Living

19th Jun 2020

Congratulations! You finally have your own house that you can finally call home. For many of us in Singapore, we usually only gain our “independence” when we move out from our childhood home.

And while having a place to call your own is bliss, no one has mentioned what a load of effort it takes to keep it clean!

Suddenly, adulting becomes only too real. To juggle work, home maintenance and kids, if any, can take a toll on anybody. How some of us wish we love cleaning the way Monica Geller does!


Alas, we’re not Monica. We’d rather spend time watching her on Friends instead. It’s important to plan ahead before moving in to take advantage of spaces and technology, helping to make cleaning easier so that we can spend time on what truly matters to us. 

Here are some of our recommendations:

Setting Up Your Home Right


Laundry Space

When you are renovating your home, it’s good to plan for spaces where “heavy chores” are involved. An excellent example is laundry – a never-ending routine; from collecting laundry in the hamper, to sorting, washing, drying, folding and ironing. Having a laundry room can help keep your laundry out of sight and properly sorted in their respective categories.

You can also build cabinets to house your cleaning supplies, and even vacuums. Make that space pleasant so you too can feel motivated to get your laundry and other chores sorted.

Storage Solutions

To live simply can help you de-clutter your home and mind. However, if you find that you do have a number of things to keep, plan for some effective storage solutions. It does not need to all be built-in as carpentry is expensive. Perhaps go for some lovely classic free-standing furniture that will add character to your home. We love shops like Hock Siong and Second Charm, because of their eco-friendly stance to reuse and refurbish furniture – adding to our sustainability efforts.

Using Technology

We are believers of using “help” whenever we can to make cleaning a little easier. We live in a wonderful time where there are a myriad of technological solutions and innovations. Invest in good quality appliances that you know will last long.



This appliance is often overlooked by many Asian families – maybe perhaps because we are simply too used to washing our dishes by hand. If you have the budget, invest in a dishwasher, especially if you enjoy cooking and hosting. This will save you plenty of time, effort and even your relationships.

Water Filter and Dispenser

Generally, our tap waters are safe to drink. Yet, sometimes when we have children, it’s best that we opt for filtered water, just in case. Plan to have a water filter that is fitted to your main tap. There are many options now, especially for counter-top ones that can also dispense hot water! You don’t need to boil water ever again!

Choosing Effective Products


Many cleaning products are harsh and loaded with chemicals. You have spent a good amount of money renovating and furnishing your home. To help make your home furnishings last a little longer, choose products that are natural.

Sugar Bubble is a great brand to consider. It has strong cleaning power but is safe for you and the family. Currently, it is one of the top favourite brands in South Korea.

It is known to be

  • Certified eco-friendly
  • Made naturally to resemble nature itself
  • Safe for the entire family
  • Natural and non-hazardous

Check out some of their popular products such as their dish washing soap APG100, the Baking Soda Detergent as well as the Multi-purposeCleaner.

Have a Schedule


Source: Freebie Finding Mom

Last but not least, keep a schedule for your chores. Some chores need done once a week, and others less frequent. Having a schedule can help you not feel overwhelmed. Soon, you will feel that keeping your home clean is like clockwork.


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