Essential Baby Items You Need Ready

Essential Baby Items You Need Ready

20th May 2020

Congratulations! You and your partner must be very excited by news of the pregnancy. As you enjoy the coming months ahead, or at least most of it (it does get better by 2nd trimester!), you are probably already thinking of getting your home ready to welcome your little bundle of joy.

When I was a first-time mum, I didn’t really know what I really needed the moment I brought my baby boy home. This list is created from first-hand experience, in Singapore, from a first-time mom who wants to help other first-time moms.

What Do You Need

Simply put, a checklist. But fret not if you haven't a clue of where to start, because we have crafted a baby essentials list just for you:

My Baby Essentials List

Save this list as you do your shopping. Plus we have some useful links where you can directly buy some of these items.


We won’t go through the entire list (we know you are busy as it is!), but will point out a few pointers for some items and give our recommendations

Cot: Your baby needs a place to sleep the moment he arrives home. We could do it like Finland does, and get a pretty cardboard box. But we’re in Singapore, and humidity is a pain.

Opt for a durable and safe cot. We recommend that you invest in one that can convert into a toddler bed later (saves you from buying 2-3 beds in a kid’s lifespan!). 

Sugar Bubble_Baby Lotion_Baby Essential

Changing table: This is a must-have. When I had my first baby, we thought we could get by with just a mat on the floor or the bed. Ho ho – one week in and our backs were ready to break. If you have the space, get a proper changing table. Or one of my favourite solutions is a changing board that sits nicely on top of your cot. Saves space and money.

Baby Soap: It is essential to note, that you choose a soap that is natural and non-irritant. Your baby’s skin is very new and sensitive. We recommend using  Sugar Bubble Choeum; Baby Shampoo and Bodywash which is a gentle wash and great for sensitive baby skin. It contains wild soybean protein, which is not only natural, but also moisturizing.It’s no wonder it’s the No. 1 choice in Korea.

You can also read this for a step-by-step guide to how to bathe your baby.

Breast pump: This was something I wish I knew earlier – invest in a very good electric breast pump. Breastfeeding is not that easy, and sometimes our anxiety over supply can affect milk production. Keep calm and have the essential tools with you. A breast pump will help to stimulate production and store enough milk when you return to work. 

APG100_Baby Safe Bottle Detergent_Baby Essential

Baby Bottle Cleansers: Choose a bottle cleanser that is uses natural ingredients and safe for baby. We like the  APG100; Dishwash Soap Honey Apple because it is not only safe to wash bottles, but also your other dishes and vegetables too. It acts like an all-in-one. Why crowd your sink with so many detergents?

Easy bin: You must be wondering why this is even here. Well, let’s just say that sometimes the handiest things are the ones that are overlooked. Get an easy bin to sit next to your changing table. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just easy to dump the dump.

Sugar Bubble_Laundry Detergent_Baby Essential

Baby Laundry Detergent and Softener: Speaking of things soiled, be sure to purchase a bottle of baby laundry detergent and fabric softener that is gentle to your baby’s skin. Again, our baby’s skin is still fresh and sensitive, and we don’t usually mix laundry till they are older. Our recommendation is the  Sugar Bubble Choeum ; Baby Laundry Detergent and Choeum; Baby Fabric Softener. They are plant-derived with no sulphate, eco-friendly and just as important, effective in removing stains. 

JJOBI_Toy sanitizer_Baby Essential

Toy Sanitizer: In this time and climate, it becomes necessary that your baby’s toys, rattles, and soothers are regularly cleaned, and sanitized. We recommend getting the  JJOBI Box – it can kill 99.9% of germs and is environmentally friendly. What we like a lot about it is that it can also double up as your kids’ toy storage box. Very handy!

You've Got This!

What we have covered here today is merely the essentials that you need to ensure you’re set when the baby comes home with you. There are many great items out there to help make motherhood a little easier – take your time to explore and see what you really need.

Always remember to be kind to yourself and enjoy the moments that come. We can’t wait to hear your own personal motherhood story.

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