[Double Deal] JJOBI Box and Trolls Bundle Set (Save 25%)

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  • JJOBI Box Toy Sterilizer - Natural Wood
  • JJOBI Trolls Pacifier Sterilizer - Khaki
  • JJOBI Box Toy Sterilizer - Natural Wood
  • JJOBI Trolls Pacifier Sterilizer - Khaki
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The JJOBI Box and TROLLS Bundle set is all you need to take care of your sterilization needs, both
indoors and outdoors. Take advantage of the convenience of keeping germs away from your loved
ones, ensuring their safety against sickness.


This June, we have an exclusive promotion for you:

This Double Deal - JJOBI BOX and TROLLS Bundle Set include:

  • JJOBI Box x 2

JJOBI Box Choice of Colours: Grey or Natural Wood

JJOBI TROLLS Choice of Colours: Blue, Khaki, Mint, Pink

The world's only UV LED environmentally friendly sterilization method is used.

The new technology of UV LED that is used in the JJOBI Box has:

  • No mercury, no ozone
  • No generating heat
  • No preheating required
  • No chemical components

Keep your toys in the JJOBI Box and let it sterilize your toys cleanly and safely every day!



  • Environmentally friendly sterlization method: Spacesuit disinfection technology used at NASA Space
  • Kills 99.9% of Germs: Effective wavelength that destroys Vibrio and E.coli
  • No Heat, No Smell, No Noise
  • Can be used on all kinds of toys
  • Low energy consumption

Sterilization done in 60minutes. Simply place all your toys into the box, switch it on, and presto!
Sterilization is complete! 

Come in 2 colours: Grey and Natural Wood.




JJOBI TROLLS is your eco-friendly portable pacifier sterilizer case.

Your baby's pacifier is easily exposed to various germs such as vibrio, bacillus pyocyaneus, E.coli
and more - which cause enteritis and food poisoning. 

Help keep you baby safe and healthy with this innovative portable sterilizer:

  • Sterilizes 99.9% of germs on pacifier in 5 minutes
  • Ultralight weight of 120g
  • 50,000 Hours of Life span of UV LED

When you go out, this handy tool will help you quickly clean and sterilize your baby's pacifier.

  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Convenient

It's made of soft ABS - stronger than other general plastics and skin-friendly too with its matte
silicone coating. 

JJOBI TROLLS come in 4 colours: Blue, Khaki, Pink, Mint. 

Additional Details

Product Name:
[Double Deal]- JJOBI Box and Trolls Bundle Set (Save 30%)
Volume (JJOBI Box):
50L each
Weight (JJOBI Box):
5kg each
120g each
Manufactured in:
Korea and China
SGD 4.90 (FREE with min. purchase of SGD19)

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