[Great Cleaning Bundle] 2 Detergents + Multi-purpose Cleaner

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Sugar Bubble_Great-Cleaning-Bundle

Introducing the Great Cleaning Bundle! These are the items you need to ensure your home is kept clean
and sparkling. Now at a discount of 20%, with free Shine K hand sanitizer (30ml)!

The Great Cleaning Bundle includes:

  • Natural Detergent; Baking Soda x 1
  • Natural Detergent; Citric Acid x 1
  • Multi-purpose Cleaner; Baking Soda Water x 1

The Great Multi-purpose Cleaning Trip for Every Corner of the House
Sugar Bubble_Cleaning-Tips

Natural Ingredients Making Cleaning Safe for Your Home and Family
This cleaning trio is not only effective in keeping your home clean, it is also safe for your entire
family and friendly to the environment:

  • Certified Eco-friendly
  • Safe to clean fruits/vegetables
  • Safe to clean baby bottles, toys and soothers

Made with only natural ingredients. Let nature’s powers help you keep a fresh, clean and safe house
for your family.

Stay safe with natural ingredients, stay pure with strong cleansing power!

Additional Details

Product Name:
Great Cleaning Bundle: 2 Detergents + 1 Multi-purpose Cleaner
Volume (Baking Soda):
Volume (Citric Acid):
Volume (Multipurpose Cleaner):
Clean bathrooms, kitchens laundry and surfaces
Manufactured in:
Shipping Fee:
SGD 4.50 (FREE with min. purchase of SGD19)

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