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JJOBI Bottle

Portable Water Sterilizer - Providing Clean Water for Our Children

JJOBI Bottle_01_Distrikt29

This portable water sterilizer helps you feel at ease knowing that the water your child is drinking is safe.
The innovative technology ensures that the water eliminates harmful germs of up to 99.9%.

  • Chemical-free sterilization using NASA technology
  • Quick sterilization: 10 minutes!
  • Easy to use
  • Eliminates harmful germs like e.coli and vibrio
  • No heat, no smell, no noise 

Proven to Eliminate COVID-19

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The technology is proven to help elimate infectious viruses such as the COVID-19!

Safe for Your Child, Easy for You

As parents, we know how troubling the world is right now in its current state. Viruses, bacteria and
germs are abundant in our environment. JJOBI Bottle can help you make the best of it:

  • Convenient
    • Portable design means never having to hunt for a hot-water dispenser in desperation
  • Effective
    • Proven and tested to be effective in removing harmful germs and viruses such as COVID-19
  • Easy to Use
    • Only need to fill with water and press a button
  • Easy to clean
    • Self-cleans by itself. Also has removable parts
  • Eco-friendly
    • Made of biodegradable bioplastic 
  • Suitable for both mom and child
    • Keep yourself safe from viruses too

Sterilizes 99.9% with Advanced Technology

Conventional bottles allow children's saliva to flow back into the main bottle, multiplying the number of
germs in just minutes. In times when viruses are highly infectious, it is important that we take
precautions against contamination and recontamination.

JJOBI Bottle_02_Distrikt29

JJOBI Bottle uses UV LED technology to effectively elimate germs and bacteria found in water. The
bottle uses the same technology as spacesuit disinfection technology used by NASA. 

Fast sterilization means you don't need to wait for water to boil, just so it can be safe again. 10 minutes
and your child can enjoy his or her drink easily. 

  • Effective wavelengths eliminating harmful germs like e.coli and vibrio in water


JJOBI Bottle_03_Distrikt29

Lab-certified for Sterlization Effects

JJOBI Bottle has been certified by SGS (World's leading certification company) and KCL for sterilizing and
eliminating germs up to 99.9%. 

JJOBI Bottle_04_tested_Distrikt29

Quality Materials that are Eco-Friendly

JJOBI Bottle_05_Distrikt29

We believe in protecting our planet, and instilling environmentally responsible values in our children.
JJOBI Bottle is made of eco-friendly materials - PBS: 100%biodegrable bioplastic - which is not only
environmentally friendly, but also safe for our children to use. 

The interior is made of hygenic stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting durability.

JJOBI Bottle_06_Distrikt29

Fully Detachable and Washable

All components are detachable and washable - making it convenient when you need to give in a clean. 

To use, simply assemble. You can use the bottle for up to 3 days, with one full charge*. 

An easy tool that can let you focus on spending quality time with your child.

*when used 10 times in a day

JJOBI Bottle_07_Distrikt29

JJOBI Bottle - Body Ring

How To Use JJOBI Bottle

JJOBI Bottle_08_Distrikt29

JJOBI Bottle_09_Distrikt29


Additional Details

Product Name:
JJOBI Bottle
Model No.:
75mm x 70mm x 168mm
DC 5V/ 0.5A
Energy Consumption:
max. 150mA
Sterilizing Method:
PBS, stainless steel
Manufactured in:
KC No.:
Shipping Fee:
SGD 4.50 (FREE with min. purchase of SGD 19)


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