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Monstergims 2-Flavour Pack

Premium Korean Grilled Seaweed Snack

Enjoy 2 of your favourite Monstergim flavours with this Snack Bundle: Monstergims 2 Flavours Pack!

You can choose 2 flavours out of the famous 4: Buldak, Goso, Cheese and Mala. Tasty, crispy and so very satisfying. This is your guilt-free trip to healthy snacking. Share with family and friends, or simply enjoy it yourself at home.

It’s so good, we don’t judge.


Snack Bundle: Monstergims 2 Flavours Pack includes: 2 boxes of Monstergim Seaweed Snack
with choice of flavour:

  • Monstergim (Buldak)
  • Monstergim (Cheese)
  • Monstergim (Goso) 
  • Monstergim (Mala)

You can mix and match the flavours you want

Each box contains 16 individually-wrapped packs of seaweed goodness.


Monstergim Buldak (Hot and Spicy Chicken)
This spicy treat is a hot favourite among Monstergim fans
Great in ramen, a crunchy sidekick to grilled meats or simply eaten on its own. Spicy-licious!


Monstergim Cheese
This crispy and light seaweed flavour is a delight to all cheese-lovers.
It’s light but rich in flavour. Great on its own with beer, or to flavour your fried rice. Umami!


Monstergim Goso
This is the OG in Monstergim seaweed flavours and is popular among our fans.
Goso has a light, nuttiness flavour. Great on its own with beer, or to flavour your meals. Delicious!


Monstergim Mala
Calling all mala-lovers! This trending flavour is a delight to munch at eat through the day.
Crispy with the right amount of spice and flavour. Great add-ons to your meals too.


Ingredients and Nutrition

Flavour Buldak (Hot & Spicy Chicken) Cheese Goso Mala
Ingredients Laver (34.7%), Corn oil (33.4%)
Hot and spicy chicken-flavoured seasoning (31.9%)
Laver (43.5%), Corn oil (40.3%)
Cheese-flavoured seasoning (16.2%)
Laver (52.1%), Sesame oil (30.4%)
Corn oil (13.0%), Sea Salt (4.3%), Herbal extracts (0.2%
Laver 934.7%), Corn oil (33.4%)
Mala-flavoured seasoning (31.9%)
Nutrition Information

Calories: 609.31 kcal/100g
Carbohydrate: 27.54g/100g
Sugar: 5.56g/100g
Protein: 15.91g/100g
Total Fat: 48.39g/100g
Saturated Fat: 0.00g/100g
Trans Fat: 0.00g/100g
Cholestrol: 9.88mg/100g
Sodium: 1535.46mg/100g

Calories: 623.42 kcal/100g
Carbohydrate: 27.06g/100g
Sugar: 1.31g/100g
Protein: 17.42g/100g
Total Fat: 49.50g/100g
Saturated Fat: 7.11g/100g
Trans Fat: 0.01g/100g
Cholestrol: 14.14mg/100g
Sodium: 746.23mg/100g

Calories: 610.81 kcal/100g
Carbohydrate: 24.19g/100g
Sugar: 0.00g/100g
Protein: 22.11g/100g
Total Fat: 47.29g/100g
Saturated Fat: 6.34g/100g
Trans Fat: 0.07g/100g
Cholestrol: 15.55mg/100g
Sodium: 444.17mg/100g

Calories: 617.24 kcal/100g
Carbohydrate: 24.27g/100g
Sugar: 1.19g/100g
Protein: 18.08g/100g
Total Fat: 49.76g/100g
Saturated Fat: 6.66g/100g
Trans Fat: 0.00g/100g
Cholestrol: 9.31mg/100g
Sodium: 993.28mg/100g


Additional Details

Product Name:
Snack Bundle: Monstergim 2 Flavours Pack
Product Type:
Korean Grilled Seaweed Snack
Buldak (Hot and Spicy Chicken), Cheese, Goso and Mala
Net Weight:
6g x 16packs per box
Store in a cool dry place
Manufactured in:
Shipping Fee:
SGD 4.50 (FREE with min. purchase of SGD19)

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